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Coconut Water Ice Lollies

These will quite literally take you seconds to throw together, and yet they look (and taste!) as if they’ve taken hours.

Do you hear the Ice Cream Truck pulling up???

An easy way to get more fruit into the day! I love being able to say to my little girl ‘do you want an ice lolly?’ every afternoon – with absolutely zero guilt.

They are also a great hydrant for sick toddlers and also for keeping down high temperatures.

Also a great relief for teething babies. Please check out my Youtube channel for the ice lolly trick using camomile tea for teething babies!!! BlondeeYouTube

Coconut Water Ice Lollies


Coconut Water



Kiwi works great too!!!

Ice Lolly Moulds

Just basically fill moulds with fruit and top with water.

Note: I use Coconut Water for my lollies but you could try sugar free lemonade or even plain or fizzy water, the fruit is the highlight!

Below are some more flavours to try out, i will be sharing loads more over the next few sun filled weeks, here's hoping!!!

Mango, Lime – blend 1 mango with the juice of 1 lime and 300mls Low Fat coconut water

Strawberry and Banana – blend 300g strawberries, 2 medium bananas and 300mls Low Fat coconut milk

Watermelon and Coconut – blend 1/4 small watermelon with juice of a lime and 250mls coconut water

Have you made these? Tag @blondeeliving and hashtag #blondeeliving

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