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Homemade Jelly sweets are a quick to make and a healthy substitute for shop bought sweets and those ever so desirable lollipops!!! They are fun to make and squishy enough for everyone to enjoy them. 

With all of the amazing benefits of gelatin these jelly sweets are not just for kids but for adults too!

Gelatin may help with Weight loss. It is low in calories and has been shown to help reduce appetite and increase feelings of fullness.

Amazingly gelatin is a fantastic source of protein. It is also great for joint-health, collagen production and gut healing.

Gelatin is recommended for people nursing broken bones, wounds and sprains.  I’m surprised it hasn’t earnt its stripes as a superfood yet!!! 

Things you can also add to the jellies are probiotic, protein or green powders, maca, cacao, Cbd, vitamins, fish oil. 

I’m using PROBIOTIC today for kids jelly Sweets and Using a small bit of CBD in my own supply as my back pain has flared up. 

My little girl Vanessa loves these fruity jellies and they are the perfect guilt free treat to offer your child. I absolutely love cooking with Vanessa. It is probably the single best life skill we can pass on to them and we have great fun making these together. 

I love to have a few jellies and these are the perfect treat when watching a movie or bring along to the cinema if trying to be extra good.

INGREDIENTS  • 1 twin pack of Hartley's Sugar Free Jelly (choose from a wide range of flavours and also their new glitter jelly looks great)

• 2 Sachets of Gelatin available at most stores, I picked some up @supervalu • 3/4 Tbsp 0% Fat Free Yoghurt  • Optional Add ins for extra healthy treats: Vitamins, probiotic, protein or green powders, maca, cacao, Cbd oil, fish oil.

YOU WILL NEED - Silicone moulds to set Jelly sweets. I got my silicone moulds online from Amazon and picked up some extra funky themed ones in Homestore & More.  Method: Always do the jelly layer first THEN the cream layer.

For Fruity Version: Using one half of your Hartleys jelly sachet and one sachet of the gelatine, mix them with approx 150ml of boiling water and stir until it's all dissolved and nice and smooth... keep stirring until you get it smooth!!!   Pour this into your silicone moulds half way up if you want to add the creamy layer too or the full way up to get a plain jelly gum or mix a different jelly flavour on top. Pop in the fridge for 15 - 20 minutes. 

For Milky Version: for gut health.When you take them out of the fridge, repeat step one but this time use only 100ml of boiling water, when the jelly powder and gelatine have dissolved, stir in your yoghurt and stir again till it's smooth. Fill up the moulds to the top and pop back in the fridge for 15/20 minutes. Then you can pop them out of moulds.If you want them more chewy add less water!!! 

Probiotic Version : For gut health 

This went especially well with the milky version. Add 2 capsules of powder, remember that they are heat-sensitive. Add probiotic powder to the yoghurt and then mix into cooler dissolved jelly mix. This will also help preserve heat-sensitive & nutritional value into the jelly shapes.

CBD Version: You’ll only need around 1/4 teaspoon and always add to the cool liquid to preserve nutritional value.I will be sharing a separate blog on my CBD Jelly sweets which are amazing for anyone suffering from a range of conditions including epilepsy, chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety. 

Have you ever made jelly gums or sweets? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

Tag me @blondeeliving and #blondeeliving if you give them a go!!!

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