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Vogue 270ml - choose your scent

Vogue 270ml - choose your scent

This candle is hand poured with the highest quality natural soy wax and essential oils.

270ml gloss black glass candle with natural double woodwick made from maple trees.

Height 92mm. Diameter 76mm.

Available in Pink & Gloss Black

Refill option available to purchase on website 

Collection option available to local area

The benefits of soy wax candles are unlike any others. Soy wax is a vegan, clean-burning candle. It typically burns longer and is more environmentally-friendly than paraffin wax. On the other hand, paraffin wax is obtained from petroleum, a fossil fuel. It is a non-renewable resource that releases carcinogens and carbon dioxide when burned, making it terrible for our health and the environment.
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