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Snap Bars

Snap Bars

Luxury hand poured 100% Soy wax melts in a wide range of scents to suit your home. Available in over 20 natural fragrances with the highest quality oils  that are certified cruelty free. 

Soy wax will burn longer and cleaner giving a safer option for you to enjoy your beautiful melts. The Snap Bar wax melts are 50 grams per bars. Just break a piece of the bar and pop into a wax burner and as the wax melts and releases the scent into the air, your room or house will smell Amazing. 

After lots and lots of testing, we recommend snapping off 1 piece (1/5th of one bar) at a time for optimum scent throw. One of these pieces of scented goodness will last up to 12 hours. Our recommendation for our wax melts is 3-4 hours per burn.

Bars are made in a range of beautiful different colours. If you would like a certain colour, please specify in comments at checkout! 

Collection option is available for all products locally, select at check out.
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