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Getting to know me!!!
Healthyfood & Lifestyle

Hi my name is Deirdre Mc Eniff (blondee) and I am a passionate foodie, healthy lifestyle lover, nutrition and healthy cooking freak and Candle shop owner, a mother to my beautiful daughter Vanessa and wife to my wonderful jiu jitsu loving husband Garrett . I've been a marketing executive in my family hotels here in Ireland the last ten years but of recent love inspiring others to live and eat healthy is kind of my life’s  mission to me.
I can  say that I’ve been a passionate foodie ever since my childhood, I loved to pretend I was on my own cookery show in my mums kitchen as a young girl, creating my own little recipes!!!
I’ve travelled so much of the world enabling me to have so many food experiences. I’m always ready to taste new, even “weird” food such as drunken pigeon in Hong Kong to the famous Pani Puri in India.
I’ve been told many times that I should open a restaurant or a catering company but I don’t think that would have made me happy. Well, maybe to some extent. But empowering others, teaching, inspiring them to do well for themselves, to learn how to take better care of their body and health, I think that means so much more. It makes a difference.

After having my little girl I felt like my creative cooking reignited and my Instagram account and blog felt like the next logical step for me, I find it a great motivation in my life and hope that in this I motivate all my lovely followers. So this is where I’ll continue to share my delicious and healthy food stories & lifestyle.
I invite you to explore my site, try out some of my recipes and share if you make them.

Ive recently set up my own Candle business which has always been a dream of mine, the lockdown enabled me the time to set up this lifelong dream and i cant believe how much my little business has taken off, i feel very grateful and excited to see my new business grown and im so happy i can share my venture through my social media portals.

Take a look and my Candle shop

All my candles are made with 100% Soy wax and natural maple tree wood wicks or cotton wicks using the finest natural fragrances & essential oils.  They are also paraffin free, meaning they’re safe to incorporate into your home and lifestyle. Every single product of Blondeeliving Candles are hand poured at home in Donegal, Ireland by Deirdre before being packaged and sent out to all our lovely customers.

We hope enjoy our Blondeeliving products and they make your home that little more luxurious, everyday.

Please email Deirdre : withanyqueries you have on any of the products

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