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luxurious Room & Linen spray

luxurious Room & Linen spray

Natural Room Sprays 100ml For Clean Air & Good Vibes
Available in 2 luxurious aromas Pomegranate Noir & Baby Powder. A luxurious Room & Linen Freshener to add fabulous fragrance to your home and fabrics. A few sprays of this highly scented freshener is enough to fragrance an average room for hours. Spray on bedding before making up your beds or clothes before ironing. A little goes a long way!

Our Baby Powder room spray is a calming, comforting scent with the familiar notes that triggers strong emotional links.

Great for freshening your car, pet beds, bathrooms, bedrooms, freshen your linen, detox the air

Our pomegranate room spray provides a vibrant and juicy scent of tart pomegranate and warm spices underscored by the sweet woody smell of amber. This room spray works great throughout the house but is particularly good for the bedroom before you sleep and in the living room throughout the day.

Shake & spray

Caution: if spray accidentally gets in your eyes, wash out with water.

Baby Powder Ingredients: Aqua / water, Polysorbate, Baby Powder Fragrance  

Pomegranate Noir Ingredients: Aqua / water, Polysorbate, Baby Powder Fragrance  

100ml bottle

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